The Joseph Story House - Winter Street, Salem, MA

The Joseph Story House - Winter Street, Salem, MA

System & Installation

Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, recently completed the design and installation of state-StoryHouse of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling systems for the newly renovated Joseph Story House, a National Historic Landmark located in Salem, Massachusetts. The closed-loop borehole installation uses seven vertical boreholes drilled 500 feet deep with polyethylene pipe circulating water and glycol. The geothermal system, designed for 23 zones, includes seven ClimateMaster Tranquility units utilizing forced-air, radiant, and ice melt systems.

Homeowner Neil Chayet, host of CBS Radio’s daily ‘Looking at the Law’ segment, incorporated goals of energy conservation and LEED certification into the complete renovation of the mansion originally built in 1811. “It’s a zero carbon footprint,” said Chayet. “We’ve been very glad to do this as a main feature. We take the energy problems of the planet very seriously.”

Read the article about the restoration project in The Salem News.

Project Profile Includes: LEED Certification, ClimateMaster Geothermal Water-to-Air units (5), for heating and cooling, and Water-to-Water units (2), for radiant floors, Quik-Trak radiant flooring, and ducted central dehumidification.em, Massachusetts.