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Every manufacturer lists the output, performance, and efficiency of their products, but these measurements are attained under ideal “laboratory” test conditions. The difference in performance between manufacturers is, in reality, very small.

What really makes or breaks a geothermal installation are the parameters of the installation on either side of the unit!

Water Energy designs Geothermal systems at or exceeding ISO/ARI – 13256 design standards, which outlines the minimum parameters for energy efficient building designs. Following these parameters in the design and installation of your system is CRITICAL to ensure that your chosen equipment performs at its highest efficiency.


Heat Pump heating efficiency is measured as Coefficient of Performance (COP). For instance, a baseboard electric heater has a COP of 1 (it is 100% efficient). Geothermal Heat Pumps in the Northeast have potential total operating system cops of 4 to 5.5 (400 to 550%) efficient. Your choice in equipment and most importantly the installation parameters used, directly affect the efficiency of your system.


It doesn’t pick winners or losers.
All the manufacturers that we work with have their own proprietary cost calculators, and although they can help to determine a baseline for a specific product, do not take the entire project into consideration. Our calculator, instead, identifies payback and ROI information based on overall system cost, and the financial performance profile focused on installed system efficiency.

A more realistic, and unbiased, assessment.
We focus on minimizing secondary or parasitic elements like well pumps and circulators, while simultaneously focusing on “best case” temperatures and pressures on both sides of the heat pump (effectively recreating the laboratory conditions under which the unit was rated).

It’s fast, and easy.
Just enter the fuel and maintenance costs of your current system, then input the installed overall system efficiency you expect to achieve once your system is installed. Then enter the delivered cost of a kilowatt for both summer and winter from your utility, and see how big of a difference going geothermal can make for your annual heating and cooling costs.

Water Energy is focused on the realities of installed overall system efficiency, and “end-to-end” design in order to maximize operating efficiency while minimizing first cost.  We hope you find our calculator helpful in making your geo decisions, and if you have any questions on how it works, we can help!  To see how the other manufacturer’s calculators stack up, follow the links below.