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Since 1978, Water Energy has been providing homeowners throughout New England with top-quality residential geothermal systems, comprehensive project-specific geothermal design, and hands-on system application support for your professional geothermal installer. Water Energy continues our mission to design and provide geothermal systems that yield maximum operational efficiency for the lowest install cost.

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 Learn more about how geothermal systems work, compare operational costs between different heating and cooling methods, and sign up for our homeowners workshop to learn even more about the benefits of going geothermal. We provide the tools you need to make educated decisions, and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have! Contact us below, to get started on your geothermal project!

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Geothermal resources! Includes a cost calculatorrebate & tax credit information, glossary & FAQ.

The Homeowner’s Workshop – Sign up for our Homeowners Workshop, and learn more about the benefits of going Geothermal.

Geothermal For My Home?

High-Efficiency Operation

A properly installed geothermal HVAC system will provide the most cost-effective method of heating, cooling, and domestic hot water production for your home. Geothermal systems provide savings of 50 to 80% in operating and maintenance costs compared with other modern, top-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems.

No backup required 

A geothermal system which has been properly installed will provide 100% of your heating,  and cooling needs. There are no system limitations, nor is there any need for “second stage backup” in your New England home.

Not all installs are created equal

Choosing an experienced geothermal HVAC team is crucial to your system’s success. Without professional implementation, your system will not operate at expected efficiency, will have a much shorter lifespan, and will not produce the anticipated cost-savings that the geo end-user intends.

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