Engineers & Architects

Engineers & Architects

Homeowners & HVAC Professionals

Water Energy has been designing GeoExchange systems and working with professional HVAC installers for over 37 years.  We bridge the gap between homeowners and HVAC installation professionals with our Certified GeoExchange Designers and IGSHPA accredited support team – answering questions for homeowners, providing design and analysis support for contracting professionals, and making sure every single step of the project goes smoothly. Our design expertise and long-standing relationships with manufacturers and local professionals ensure the success of each project we take on, from start to finish.

Commercial Applications

When investigating an application for your commercial project, it pays to consult with Certified GeoExchange Designers and IGSHPA accredited professionals. Water Energy Design has been designing and applying GeoExchange systems for over 37 years. With over 18,000 successful applications (and growing!), we have the answers to all your GeoExchange questions. We will provide you with the knowledge and documentation you need to launch a successful GeoExchange application for your project.

Design Products

Check out this list of design products we currently provide.

Commercial Case Studies

Want to see examples of what we can do? Check out our commercial case studies.


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