Prest Home - Groton, MA

Prest Home - Groton, MA

Electrical usage from August, 2007 through March, 2009

Home is all electric. No gas or oil used. Heating and cooling is via a heat exchanger in a standing-pipe geothermal system taking water from a well exchanging heat and returning the water back to the very same well. Electricity is used for the well pump, heat exchanger, ductwork fans, air- exchange fan, all appliances (stove, ovens, washer/dryer, dish washer), lights, TV/stereo, computers, water heater, workshop tools, workshop radiant heat, etc.

Month 2007 2008* 2009*
January $346.38 $400.60 Heat
February $342.73 $408.74 Heat
March $326.70 $284.45 Heat
April $314.79 Heat
May $207.39
June $158.46 AC
July $148.91 AC
August $124.09 $160.23 AC
September $168.29 $155.75
October $155.52 $186.04 Heat
November $155.25 $157.35 Heat
December $258.19 $294.62 Heat

Dec. 08 thru March 09 includes radiant heat and tool usage in workshop plus rate increase. I did not do a temperature comparison between the two winters shown above. This house is highly insulated and tight. It received an Energy Star rating of 44 for approximately 3,600 square feet of floor space (Basement + 1st and 2nd floors). Maximum rating allowed is 85 to receive an Energy Star rating. Roof consists of 12″ thick Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) having 11.25″ rigid insulation sandwiched between outer and inner layers of 1/2″ OSB sheathing. Walls have cellulose insulation blown in between 2×6 studs plus a 3/4″ layer of rigid, polyurethane insulation screwed to the inside face of the studs, under the 1/2″ sheetrock. All joints around thermal windows and doors and sills have been filled with expanding urethane foam making for a very tight draft-resistant house.

Installation performed by: Bill Wenzel Geothermal.

Customer Quote

“We have a WOW!! System thanks to Water Energy Distributors, Inc. and their recommended installer, Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.”

Val & Wendy Prest
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