Haverhill Public Library - Haverhill MA

Haverhill Public Library - Haverhill MA

System & InstallationHaverhill Public Library

44,000 Square Foot Building – retrofitted. Average 2008-2009 $1.79/sq. Ft. Heating, Cooling, All Electric Lights, Computers, Equipment and Services Installed and fully operational in January 1995.  6- 10 ton Water to Water WE120’s and 55 tons of Water to Air TSH’s.

Phase 1 was Installed by: Uptack Plumbing & Heating (978) 372-8503 in 95’ 60 tons of Water to Water

Phase 2 was installed by: Walsh Mechanical (781) 871-7496 in 97’ 55 tons of Water to Air Addition

Phase 1 & 2 were Engineered by: Evert Lindgrin Associates

Geothermal Wells Installed by: Wilmington Pump (978) 658-9111


Customer Quote

“We don’t even realize we have Geothermal until we get the bill at the end of the Month and see how inexpensive it is!”

Ed Nelson:
Business Manager