Gustavo Preston - Chelmsford, MA

Gustavo Preston - Chelmsford, MA

System & InstallationGuastavo Preston

21 tons of Water to Air Climate Master Tranquility 20 Heat pumps

Installed by: Excell Mechanical- Somerville, MA (617)628-1144

Designed by: Hancock Associates- Marlborough MA

Geothermal Wells Installed by: Wilmington Pump- Wilmington, MA (978)658-9111

Currently Maintained by: Excell Mechanical-Somerville, MA

Customer Quote

“We have been very impressed with the geothermal system. It has been very efficient. Even in the hottest weather I find that people ask me to turn the A/C down. It is that cool. I would recommend this for anyone who builds a new building like we did.”

Bill Hurley:
Operations Manager 978-250-3333