10 Drummer Trail, Laconia NH

10 Drummer Trail, Laconia NH


Earth Coupling Type: Standing Column

Size of Building: 7,200 Square Feet

Size of Load: 13.5 Tons

HVAC Installer: Bill Wenzel Heating & Cooling

Well Driller: Smith Pump Company

More Information:

The average spent for heat over the last two winters just $1,200 and that was keeping the temperature at 72 degrees 24/7

Customer Quote:

“I wanted to thank Water Energy Distributors, Inc. for all of their time and expertise in helping get a geothermal heat pump system installed into my new home. They have been a great resource for me and the results I have achieved using the system they designed has exceeded my expectations.  They were spot on with the calculations not only in costs, but performance. I will put their design up against anyone’s in the market today. I believe my home outperforms, in terms of heating/cooling and hot water, any house that is on the market today.”  – Dana Ritchie