Commercial Rebates & Tax Credits

Commercial Rebates & Tax Credits

How To Get Renewable Energy Grant Money from the U.S. Government

How does one go about applying for the new government program that allows a solar, wind project or other specified energy property to receive a cash grant from the U.S. Treasury in lieu of a 30% tax credit?

IRS Form 3468 – Investment Credit

U.S. Department of Treasury Application Page
The United States Department of the Treasury’s Application Submission Page for payments in lieu of tax credits for specified energy property.

USDA Energy Efficiency Rebate Program for Rural Projects

Massachusetts Commercial Utility Rebate Form
The New Construction Program is designed for commercial and industrial customers who are building new facilities, undergoing major renovations of an
existing facility, or replacing failed equipment.

Geothermal Government Building Designer Tax Benefits

How designers and contractors can take significant tax credits on municipal geothermal projects

Energy Tax Savers, Inc

EPAct 179D Experts – As the first green tax firm, we help our clients achieve federal tax incentives aimed at making energy efficient investment as economically viable as possible.

Concord Energy Strategies on Section 179D

“Created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct), Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code allows for generous tax savings for lead designers of municipal buildings with energy efficient, green design – helping you save green while going green.”

Engineered Tax Services

ETS is a professionally licensed engineering firm dedicated to the green and LEED Standards for Energy Efficiency and Tax Incentives.

Enhanced Geothermal Tax Incentives for 2011 Commercial Buildings

Walker Reid – Specializing in 179D Tax Deduction

An Industry Leader, Walker Reid Strategies specializes exclusively in EPAct 2005 179D Tax Deduction Certifications.