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Welcome GEO Talk! 

In this new section of our site, you'll find Water Energy and geo industry news and information.  We'll be sharing updates from  manufacturers we represent and contractors we support too.

September 19, 2011
Maine Voices: Proposed Scarborough school well-designed in wake of thorough research

And its geothermal heating/cooling system is not the problem a critic made it out to be.

March 29, 2011
Tapping The Earth For Energy Savings Year-Round

Increasing numbers of homeowners are installing geothermal heat pumps, which take advantage of the constant temperature underground to provide more efficient heating and cooling.

November 7, 2010
Hank Investigates: Gas Leaks

Fire, smoke and chaos and destruction and sometimes death--all the result of a natural gas explosion. And what caused the explosions?

October 31, 2010
Smart Fix for Geothermal Re-Do

When it came time to replace the heating and cooling system in their  home, Steve and Lori Flint wanted an efficient, green system.

October 1, 2010
The global mad grab for Arctic oil

Russia and the United States are among the nations laying claim to the last fossil-fuel frontier, but there are good reasons to ban its exploitation.

August 5, 2010
Maine’s Chewonki Goes Green

ClimateMaster Commercial Case Study Release

Renewable Systems - A Growth Market for Wholesalers

Geothermal energy is getting a big boost from the federal government. In the next three years, technology advances will receive $70 million in new funding from the Department of Energy, the agency said in June.

$875,000 Commonwealth Home Heating and Cooling Program Launched
$875,000 Commonwealth Home Heating and Cooling Program Launched
Understanding Effective Integration of Groundsource Heat Pump Systems in New England

This webinar will discuss various important design/application elements professional energy raters should consider when reviewing geothermal heat pump applications. Our presenter, Martin Orio, is a self-appointed “English Translator” of geothermal HVAC technology for his geothermal design/distribution business and for The New England Geothermal Professional Association.