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Martin J. Orio, AI – Business Development

Martin Orio

Martin J. Orio

Business Development, President, NEGPA


The self-appointed “English Translator” of geothermal HVAC technology, Martin spends a significant amount of time informing both residential and commercial interests in New England on the costs, options and proper application of ground-source heat pump technology.

Martin’s father, Carl D. Orio C.G.D. has one of the longest involvement’s with geothermal heat pumps in the United States today. They are full members of ASHRAE, employ eleven Accredited Installers (IGSHPA) and three Certified GeoExchange Designers (-AEE). They have been long standing members of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s (IGSPHA) Advisory Board, are founding members of “GEO”, and in the past 33 years have been involved in over 14,000 geothermal heat pump installations as designers and distributors.

The Water Energy team coauthored, the “Geothermal Heat Pump Manual” for New York City’s Department of Design and Construction. For ASHRAE coauthored and lectured on, “Studies Applied to Standing Column Well Design”, and “Geothermal Standing Column Wells: Ten Years in a New England School” for ASHRAE Transactions 2006.

Selling Geothermal Effectively In New England

Martin will provide an overview of geothermal system development options and earth coupling methods as defined by ASHRAE’s published standards for the industry. He will then engage attendees by reviewing various approach options and presentation techniques that effectively inform the geo interested consumer and help attendees gain genuine confidence in providing informed feedback to their interested customers. The presentation will conclude with an “open forum “Q&A” session.

Geothermal with Confidence!

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